"From Our Family to Yours"
- Joseph Gallo

The Joseph Farms Brand

Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms Cheese, has been honored countless times with gold medals and awards as one of the nation’s finest providers of high quality milk and premium cheese.

“Our cows are NOT treated with ANY artificial hormones,” and we became the nation’s first cheese maker to receive government certification. To this day we remain the longest standing artificial hormone free cheese brand, a testament to our ongoing commitment to our consumers’ health.

Joseph Farms is constantly expanding in North America and Mexico to meet unprecedented demand. Our cheese can be found in most retail chains, from the biggest to the smallest. Demand for our cheese is also growing intercontinentally in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North Africa, and a number of other developing markets. Joseph Farms was also officially selected to be served to the athletes at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (Press Release).

Our Mission

To develop and expand the high quality family-owned cheese and whey branded businesses, as well as seek innovative opportunities to maximize profitability and return on all assets, while being a trusted and responsible employer, that actively participates in the community, and which preserves the natural environment through responsible farming and manufacturing practices.

Our Values


Make the most of what nature has given us environmentally and economically, continuing to utilize renewable energy sources and minimize our environmental impact.


We are passionate about making healthy cheese using only the best, all natural ingredients such as milk free of artificial hormones including rBST, while maintaining our commitment to pioneering environmental and farming innovation.


Investing in our local communities through land stewardship and wildlife conservation, as well as partnering with charitable organizations who share our core values.


Three generations of the Gallo family working to maintain and grow a thriving enterprise, ensuring stability for our employees and a secure future for the next generation.


Practicing an uncompromising standard of morals and ethics, simply because it’s the right thing to do.