Our History of Sustainability

We’ve been family farmed since 1946, and despite our growth over the years, we have never lost touch with the land and what’s important.

At Joseph Farms, we craft the highest quality natural products using sustainable, and environmentally responsible practices. Such commitment has earned Joseph Gallo Farms countless honors and awards for Joseph Farms cheese and dairy products as well as our sustainable farming practices.

Surrounded by large old willow and cottonwood trees, this original turn-of-the-century farmhouse became the home office of Joseph Gallo Farms, which helps remind us every day how close we are to nature.


Joseph Gallo enjoyed being active in the outdoors, and at a young age he developed a love for the land and the surrounding wildlife. This was a passion that he shared with his children, ensuring it would remain a part of their families’ lives as well.

Preserving Wetlands

Our family has donated almost 8,000 acres of land to the San Luis Wildlife Refuge, which is a critical habitat for waterfowl and other threatened species. We have also restored more than 2700 acres of our own property to upland and wetland wildlife habitat.


Planting Wildlife friendly crops

My father loved and respected wildlife and made it part of our family’s ongoing stewardship responsibility. Too often wildlife is forced out or starved out of land where they once ran free. Our planting strategy is to be welcoming and share the open space.

Michael Gallo, CEO